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Playful mobiles

Designing and programming for mobile devices

Mobile hardware is the new medium to use internet and small applications. Smaller screens, interface gestures and playful gadgets are challenging designers and programmers. The workshop „playful mobiles“ will focus on new methods to design and programm websites/apps for those devices. The students are asked to investigate the visual culture of Germany and Lebanon and present it in their own web application.

12 projects were done during the 3 day workshop by the students: 
BiRoot: lebanese illustrations of city life on top of german clean, neat and old cityscapes
Building blocks: Mixing german and lebanese house facades
Link: Different Berlin and Beirut maps linked to each other
Germanon: Illstrated, arabic clothes cover Adam and Eve of Albrecht Dürer
Monumentus: Mix of stone monuments of Germany and Lebanon
Beirut-Berlin: Audiotypographical dialog between an emotional arabic guy and a phlegmatic german girl
street decoupage: Collages of graffiti in Beirut and Lebanon
Pick your team: Choosing football player of Lebanon and Germany randomly
Ich liebe Isharat: A mix of german and lebanese road signs
Ampleman in Beirut: The east german ampleman is getting lost in Beirut
The mix Kleidung: Mixing traditional costumes of Germany and Lebanon


Workshop specification:

The workshop will teach design and programming a web application for mobile devices (iPhone). Mobile devices like Smart phones and tablet pc‘s are becoming the most used devices for surfing the internet. The user interface design needs to get adapted for smaller screens and new interaction possibilities. New technologies and programming frameworks allow finger gestures for web applications and fast prototyping for designers. We will use these programming libaries to develop a small mobile application for the iPhone. It will focus on cultural and visual aspects, identities and differences of Germany and Lebanon. The participants are asked to feed a prepared web application with visual input and interface elements. We will discuss the possibilities, use and impact of different interface gestures and methods as well as the technical implementation of those. The goal is a small application running in Safari for iPhone, using new possibilities of smart phones, showing visual identities of the two different countries. The participants will deal with technical, visual and cultural aspects of a mobile website.

students addressed 

This workshop addresses intermediate students with advanced graphic design skills - including the ability to use related software (Adobe CS5) - and basic knowledge of web technologies (HTML, CSS). It is integrated into the course: GRA 484 Web Design 

learning outcomes

  • Understand the difference between desktop and mobile applications and its implications.
  • Be familiar with the basic concepts of the development workflow of mobile applications
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge in the special requirements for mobile application interfaces
  • Be capable of sketching an experimental interface considering mobility
  • Be able to apply first experiences in designing interfaces for small touch screens

The Web Version of the Web App can be found hereThe results will be shown on this page after the workshop. 

The workshop is held by Martina & Tilman from the 1.-4. December 2011 at the Lebanese American University in Beirut, Lebanon. It is integrated into the course: GRA 484 Web Design by Pascal Glissmann.

Programming help: Matthias Weisz
Graphics: Julius Terlinden

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